A Vegan Journey in the Bars and Restaurants of Melbourne

If you are looking for a vegan food choice across Melbourne, then you are in the right place! Melbourne has been dubbed as one of the steadiest vegan places in the world. Up to this date, there is a massive selection of delicious plant-based options around the bars and restaurants in Melbourne.  

Because the city is a melting pot of multicultural cuisines from around the world, the vegan options in the city are limitless. So, whether you’re starting or continuing your vegan journey, staying in Melbourne will provide you with the best experience and bars in the city.

Melbourne’s Vegan Options 

Melbourne residents are well-known for their fondness for vegan cuisine. It’s not surprising why an increasing number of business owners are incorporating plant-based options into their menus. Chefs are paying more attention to vegetables than ever before, resulting in exquisite vegan food. 

Claypots Barbarossa, a popular restaurant in the city, provides excellent options for vegans with our well-thought-out vegetarian and side dishes. 

To give you a hint about our menu, here are some healthy options at the most affordable prices: 

Marinated Field Mushroom 

For only $7, you can savour the taste of this mushroom delicacy with dill in olive oil. 

Sauteed Leafy Green 

Taste healthy green leafy vegetables for only $10! With the magic of garlic, olive oil, and caper crumbs, you can experience a tasteful moment. 

Crushed Potatoes with Fermented Garlic 

A creamy, healthy food that melts in your mouth is offered here at $7. And experience its lingering taste combined with white vinegar and fermented garlic. 

Fennel and Orange Salad 

Experience the bittersweet flavour of orange with fennel for just $9! 

Turkish Eggplant Swooning Hodja 

Taste this baked halved eggplant with caramelised onion and tomato for only $12! 

Known Vegan Benefits 

Aside from weight loss, being vegan has numerous health benefits. Many meat-based products have been replaced with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and a variety of other foods. This is how the bars and restaurants of Melbourne help you in your vegan diet. 

Here are the known health benefits of going vegan: 

More Antioxidants 

Most vegan dishes served in the heart of Melbourne are high in antioxidants, which are naturally found in fruits and vegetables. 

Low in Calories 

Cooking ingredients contain fewer saturated fats. When used in cooking, you create a low-calorie dish. 

Good Bacteria 

Non-dairy yogurts with live culture are a great source of good bacteria.  

No to Lots of Sugar 

Many of the dishes served in Melbourne bars and restaurants do not contain sugar. Not only are they a good choice for vegans. They also reduce the risk of diabetes. 

Vegan-Friendly Shops in Melbourne 

If you want to cook your vegan dish, know that vegan-friendly products are widely available in central and local supermarkets across the city. Some parts of Melbourne also sell organic food. Here are some of the best vegetarian markets in Melbourne: 

The Cruelty Shop 

It is a one-stop shop where you can buy diverse vegan beauty and home products. 


There are numerous vegetarian treats and ingredients available here. What makes this shop even more unique is that it encourages customers to use reusable bags. 

Visit Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne 

It is normal to be sceptical when beginning a new lifestyle. One of the reasons for feeling perplexed is when no one else is present to share your experiences.  

Well, if you are in Melbourne, that would not be a problem. This city is a safe haven for vegans. As one of the world’s vegan capitals, being in Melbourne means your vegan journey is easier. You don’t have to waste your time looking for a vegan restaurant. 

If you are in the city, you will never run out of vegan restaurant choices. And one place that won’t disappoint is Claypots Barbarossa. From small plates to vegetarian sides and everything in between, our creative and adventurous chefs give your palate the food it deserves. 

Are you ready to go on a food adventure in Melbourne? Make a reservation with us today! 

Looking to experience what it’s like to go vegan? Then rest assured that you can taste happiness in every bite when you choose us. 

Claypots Barbarossa is known for our constantly changing menu, which allows you to try diverse yet unique flavours created by our talented chefs. We serve a variety of dishes, including vegan options. It’s one of the best pubs and bars in Melbourne.

So, if you want to visit us, call us on +61 (03) 9670 5255 to make a reservation. Get a taste of Southern European cuisine with Claypots Barbarossa!

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